Maintenance Kit

We have an entire range of compatible kits for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of oil-free Z series compressors.
4000, 8000, 16000 h maintenance kits, cooler kits, overhaul kits. We can provide solutions for your needs on ZR 3, ZR 4, ZR 5, ZR 6, and ZT18 to ZR900 compessors. We produce spare parts like pistons, inlet valves, oil pumps and other items for all the Z series compressors. We manufacture gears from design or as a sample. We renovated the selection of fabric-finished and reinforced rubber for our diaphragms, membranes and couplings. We use our test bench to improve performances and durability. The samples of the membranes have been tested for more than 600.000 cycles

RIEM ITALY manufactures maintenance kits for the ZR/ZT oil-free compressors, compatible with the genuine ones

Our kits are made with raw materials produced in Italy

We have the 4000h, 8000h, 16000h maintenance kits, overhaul kits and cooler kits for all the oil-free Z-series compressors

We take care of every step, from production to packaging

Every year we export thousands of articles in more than 50 Countries

STEP 6-7
Our R&D department every year enhances the range of the new products that we can add to our price list and that are in stock in our warehouse