Refurbishment and manufacturing of water coolers and cooling system

We can build and recondition tube bundle heat exchangers, cooling batteries, plate heat exchangers, aluminium radiators. We can rebuild, to the original standard, tube bundles in AISI 316 or AISI 444 stainless steel, for ZR compressors like ZR 3, ZR 4, ZR 5, ZR 6, ZR 7, ZR 55, ZR 75, ZR 110-145, ZR 160-275, ZR 300-425, ZR 450-750, ZR 900 series. We produce our spare parts using a coupling system of tubings and plates through TIG welding or a rolling expansion process. We can certify most of the parts we produce. When required we can produce mantles in stainless steel for the tubings.
In case of specific needs of our clients, we are able to design and produce standard coolers with specific material, with improved corrosion resistance, always capable to quarantee the featurs of the expected heat exchange

Riem Italy can design and manufacture coolers from a project or sample and according to the customer’s needs. All the coolers that we manufacture are the result of our production line

Our CNC machines can perform holes in the stainless steel plates and all the other parts too

When the phase of the semi-finished products is over, the cooler is assembled. This assembling phase too is performed internally in our company

The cooler starts to take shape. It is time for the assembly of the seamless stainless steel tubes, spacers and diaphragms.

One the last steps: expanding the tubes in the plate

The cooler is almost ready. Now it goes to the dimensional finish phase

The cooler undergoes the pressure test for a final check

STEP 8 The cooler is now ready to be put into a box and dispatched

Riem Italy performs all the works internally, assuring quality to its production