Reverse Engineering

RIEM Italy  utilizes sophisticated  instrumentations in order to elaborate the reverse engeneering process, studyng the hardness , chemical composition, shape and size  of the replicating parts, exploiting tests and 3D digitalization process.

These data are eventually inserted in  specific sofwares for numeric control machines  able to reproduce the requested pieces. The realized items are accompanied  by certification which guarantees working process and chemical composition of materials.

On customer request we draw the piece to make and if necessary we can produce it, with the help of our trusted foundry.

Coming from the foundry , the raw piece, as a result, will be worked with our CNC machines

Our products are branded RIEM italy which means they come from a reverse engeneering process that, for over three decades put us on the international market as a brand known for his reliability and quality.

We have a large range of products by our production